Killing Time tells the unknown story about the Bhutanese refugees

Killing Time

In the beginning of the 1990s, a sixth of the Bhutanese population fled their country due to cultural repression. Eighteen years later, Bhutan is known as a peaceful Buddhist Himalayan Kingdom – the promoter of Gross National Happiness. Meanwhile, the exiled Bhutanese are struggling for survival in overcrowded refugee camps in Eastern Nepal. Growing increasingly restless the young see only one solution for peace – war.

Seamlessly weaving the deceptive tropical beauty of the camps with gritty streetscapes from New York, KILLING TIME follows the exiled Bhutanese in the camps and a handful few who have made it to New York to lobby their cause. It shows a forgotten people’s struggle to survive in a world where you don’t only spend your life killing time waiting for a solution, but where time eventually kills you.


I love this documentary but it is hard to find one; it is neither in my local libraries nor I could find it on-line for a purchase.

Note: Winner of the Grand Prix at the Montreal Human Rights Film Festival, 2008


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